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The Warren County Antique Tractor Association
2009 Pulling Schedule

Note: Schedule is subject to change throughout the year.
Click Location for Results from and/or Information on the pull.

Last updated on 9-25-09.

Date Location Starting Time
April 25th McMinnville, TN 2:00 PM
May 23rd McMinnville, TN 6:00 PM
June 27th McMinnville, TN 6:00 PM
July 25th McMinnville, TN 6:00 PM
August 22nd McMinnville, TN 6:00 PM
September 25th Cookeville, TN 6:00 PM
September 26th McMinnville, TN 6:00 PM
October 24th
September 26th make-up
McMinnville, TN 12:00 PM
Points pulls are in bold.
Time is Central Standard Time unless otherwise noted.
TBA = To Be Announced.
Green background indicates rainout.

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