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The Warren County Antique Tractor Association

Outlaw Rules

1. Tractor must be 1959 or earlier farm tractor and must retain tractor engine. Tractor must be naturally aspirated and may not run alcohol.

2. No diesel tractors allowed.

3. Parts from other tractors permitted.

4. Any type wheel permitted with tire size through 18.4

5. Unlimited R.P.M. override permitted.

6. Add on weights allowed. They must not extend more than 11 feet from the center of the rear axle of the tractor to the furthest point forward.

7. Disqualification will result from any weights or objects falling to the track or touching boundary lines with tractor or sled.

8. Tractors may pull in any gear.

9. Driver must remain seated during pull with at least one hand on steering wheel.

10. Persons under 18 years of age must have written guardian permission, guardian present, and sled operator approval before pulling. Kill switch mandatory.

11. Two attempts to pass the 25 foot mark will be allowed. Pull is official after 25 foot mark is passed.

12. Front tires may not leave the ground more than 18 inches during pull.

13. Ring hitch only allowed. 20 inch maximum drawbar height. 18 inch minimum length from center of rear axle to pull point. Material ring is made of must be of 1 inch diameter material, no less or no more is allowed. Ring hole size must be at least 3 inches.

14. Board of Director approved wheely bars mandatory.

15. All tractors turning over 3000 RPM must have an approved scatter blanket or 1/4" steel enclosure around bellhousing. Must also have a 4-bar cage surrounding front pulley.

16. The pull will be governed by the sled operator and board of directors with all decisions final.

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