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The Warren County Antique Tractor Association

General Rules - All Classes

1. Contestants Enter at Own Risk.

2. Numbers will be drawn for pulling order in class.

3. Pulling order for both sleds (heavy to light or light to heavy) will be drawn before pull except for when track is excessively wet, when heavy to light will be used.

4. Registration is over when class starts.

5. All tractors in each class must cross scales after their pull before class winners are declared.

6. No scale tolerance allowed. You must weight within class limit.

7. All tractors must have board of director approved wheelie bars.

8. Must be antique legal to pull in powder puff classes.

9. Tractors failing to comply with all rules will receive a written statement from the board of directors detailing the problems that must be fixed.

10. Tractors may hook three times, but not more than once in the same class.

11. Persons under the age of 18 must have track official, guardian, and/or parental approval before pulling. KILL SWITCH MANDATORY!

12. Sled operator may disqualify any tractor driver for un-sportsmanship conduct, intoxication, or failing to stop if red flagged by flagman.

13. Protest fee is $25, which will go to the club. A protest must be filed within weight class before next class begins. Any tractor found illegal by officials decision will be disqualified. Protester's tractor will be checked first.

14. Rules are locked in through the 2011 season (will be voted on before the 2012 season).

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