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The Warren County Antique Tractor Association

Antique Rules

1. Antique 1900-1959.

2. Serial Number must be intact and not tampered with.

3. Gasoline or diesel, must be naturally aspirated.

4. Tractors must weigh within limits of each class (0 lb. tolerance).

5. Factory High R.P.M. only, 20% over ride allowed. All tractors will be checked. All tractors must also have a positive throttle stop. Official checking will open throttle.

6. Tractors must retain stock engine and stock appearance where possible.

7. Tire sizes in classes 2500# through 6000# may be up to 16.9 factory molded rubber. 6500# and up may be up to 18.4-38 factory molded rubber.

8. Cut tires, pressed steel, and cutoffs all allowed. Tractor wheel can be up to and including 38" diameter.

9. Add on weights allowed. They must not extend more than 11' from the center of the rear axle of the tractor to the furthest point forward. Disqualification will result when weight or any object falls from tractor while tractor is hooked to sled during pull. Footage will be stopped where tire or any part of sled touches boundary line.

10. No dual wheeled tractors.

11. Tractors must stay at or under 4.0 miles per hour and may pull in first or second gear only. No shifting of Torque Amplifiers allowed. If horn blows for excessive speed after 100 feet, pull is over and footage will be measured at point horn blew.

12. Driver must remain seated during pull with one hand on steering wheel. No bouncing allowed. Driver must remain seated flatly in the tractor seat.

12. Each puller has two (2) attempts to pass the 25 foot mark. Pull is official after 25 foot mark is passed. First puller in class may not pull over when pull is final.

13. No one on track except puller and officials during pull.

14. Pull is over when forward motion of sled is stopped or when red flag is dropped.

15. Front tires may not leave the ground more than 18" during pull.

16. Ring hitch only allowed. 20" maximum drawbar height. 18" minimum draw bar length from center of rear axle to pull point. Material ring is made of must be of 1 inch diameter material, no less or no more is allowed. Ring hole size must be at least 3 inches.

17. Drawbar must be stationary with no more than one quarter (1/4) inch movement vertically, one (1) inch movement horizontally.

18. No differentials or drive line alterations.

19. Any tractor found illegal by officials decision will be suspended until tractor correctly co-applies in the attempted class. Board of directors have the authority to approach any noticed violation to the rules (without official protest) and advise procedures to correct. Tractor must be corrected before second pull unless puller wants to pull Outlaw class.

20. All tractors must have a shutoff switch.

21. All tractors and pullers must weigh immediately after pulling or be disqualified.

22. Women may pull Antique or Powder Puff but not both on the same tractor.

23. Board of director approved wheely bars mandatory. Wheely bars must be down when pulling and must be able to hold weight of tractor.

24. Judge's decision final!

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